For more than 2500 years the spiritual tradition known as buddhism has been the primary inspiration behind eastern civilzation and the source of its greatest cultural achivements.buddhism,originated in northern india in the 6 th century B.C. spread peacefully over a large part of asia and profoundly yet budhism is not limited to the east alone.for it speaks directly to the most crucial human concerns and does so with a clear power of truth that today is capturing the attention of more and more people in the west.The founder of buddhism is neither a deity not a prophel ,but a man who has awakened from ignorance to perfect enlightement.His name buddha,is in fact ,a title meaning the enlightened one.Thebuddha's teaching,known ot its followers as the Dhamma is based his own clear comprehension of reality free from appeals to divine authority and demands for unquestioning faith open to reason and critical inquiry,the Dhamma calls out for personal verification.

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